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This may be the last Apple MacBook Pro 13 to run an Intel processor.The timing also seems right, and in early 2021 the MacBook Pro 13 will correspond to the update as we see it today. We do not know that the MacBook Pro 13 as we know it today is also with processor updates. But does that mean you’re ignoring it, the Apple MacBook Pro, 2020 update? Not at all Just because Apple prepares to slowly move away from Intel processors in the coming years, nothing changes for anyone wanting to buy a MacBook Pro today. Or any other MacBook, for that matter. It will continue to work as usual, it will last for many years, you will still get all the software updates, you will also get new versions of macOS, and it will not shut down like your Intel-based MacBook will stop running on a good morning.
The Apple MacBook Pro 13 is currently available in four variants in India. Interestingly enough, you probably need a little attention to it – there are two versions of the slightly older 8th generation Intel Core processors and two versions of the new 10th Gen Intel Core processors. Over the years Apple has made some distinction between the MacBook Pro 13 entry-specs and the higher-spec variants. If you remember, the non-touch and touch bar versions? Now, the processor performs differentiation with two lines operating. Prices start from Rs 1,22,990 and are Rs 1,41,990 for the input space-variant which is now double that of earlier – 256GB SSD and 512GB SSD. And then there is – the tenth generation of Intel Core machines. A 512GB SSD device costs Rs 1,74,990 while a 1TB SSD device will cost you Rs 1,94,900.
Competition for the Apple MacBook Pro 13 from the Windows 10 ecosystem remains the same. But the new Dell XPS 13 2020 update, with a significantly higher price tag than its predecessors, means that it will no longer be seen with the expectation of price and performance, saving you some money in comparison. Then there are also HP’s high-capacity machines, including the ENYY Series, the Specter Series, and the Elite Dragonfly Collection – you obviously have a lot of options. This makes it more important to bring the Apple MacBook Pro 13 update 2020 to the right place.

The Design

As far as design goes, it has. She carries the same character as before, which is great. There is no better laptop anywhere in the world. The beautiful aluminum sculpture has no competitors, except. Apple has kept the design of the MacBook Pro 13 the same for many years, and it continues here. This means that it is the same width and depth as the predecessor, but 0.7 mm thicker (barely noticeable) than before to accommodate the new Magic Keyboard. With this update, the MacBook Pro 13, MacBook Air, and now the MacBook Pro 13 all have new keyboards that replace the butterfly mechanism with the most reliable scissor-switching mechanism. The MacBook Pro 13 with a 10th Gen Intel Core processor has four USB-C ports.
And as always, you can buy it in Space Gray and Silver color options, my preference is always to lean towards dark gray. The MacBook Pro 13 scales filters at 1.4kg.

The keyboard

The keyboard is somehow the biggest update, as it replaces a potentially weak link to the MacBook Pro in the past two years – the butterfly keyboard that has issues with dust or dirt, as it is less receptive to these modifications of the push mechanism.Although the foundation of the keyboard has changed, the new feedback combined with flexibility and stability ensures that the MacBook keyboard remains the best in the business, especially if you type too much. If you are upgrading from a MacBook that has more recent Butterfly keyboard mobility and responsiveness, it will be a learning curve at first, until your fingers get used to the extra distance.
The arrow keys are inverted T and can be useful for finger muscle memory. The touch bar is still useful or not dependent on how you use it. The Esc key and power button that doubles as a Touch ID sensor are also separate from the touch bar, just like the MacBook Pro 16.
The trackpad remains unchanged, and why not. There is nothing really close to the size and resolution of the MacBook trackpad, and swipe gestures, regardless of orientation, even though Windows 10 laptops have done their best.
With the latest generation Intel Core i5 processors (part of the Ice Lake family) with 16GB of RAM chewed under the hood as standard, they are truly ready for “professional” workloads. In terms of overall performance, it is 2.8 times faster than before. And we’re not saying that the previous MacBook Pro 13 and Intel chipsets that powered them weren’t powerful in their own right. However, you must be mistaken for a moment that the new MacBook Pro 13 is an improvement in the processing power of the processor core. In fact, it’s all about what Apple has done with the new chip. For example, 16GB RAM clashes with the 8GB RAM as standard for most applications resulting in twice the performance increase and multitasking head-on. There is also a 32GB option for those who want to configure it. It’s LPDDR4X 3733MHz memory that consumes less power than before. Then there are the new Intel Iris Plus graphics which is equivalent to twice the graphics of the previous generation with some functions. In fact, Apple says you can connect Pro Display XDR to your MacBook Pro 13 and enjoy this 6K output.
Storage always plays a very important role in how terrifying a device can actually perform. Even the most powerful processor on Earth and a lot of RAM won’t help if storage is slow with read and write speeds. That is, how quickly data is received from storage and ready for your use. Not only has Apple doubled its base storage capacity with its MacBook Pro 13 update – it’s now 256GB and 512GB instead of 512GB and 1TB – but solid-state drives are increasingly in use. These reach 3 GB / s read and write speeds.
Security remains Apple’s focus, and the T2 chip is key to that. This piece of hardware manages Touch ID fingerprint authentication, touch bars only, ambient light sensors, and secure boot, as well as encrypted storage features on the MacBook.
What hasn’t changed is the 13.3-inch Retina display (2560 x 1600 resolution). No need to be honest, this is one of the most accurate displays you’ll find on a laptop. They are also bright, being rated at 500 nits and color fidelity at the top. It turns off the checklist with True Tone that changes the brightness, tone, and color of the screen according to the ambient light to reduce stress on your eyes, as well as support for the Display P3 color standard. In fact, we oppose softening the bezels around the screen to more closely align with modern priorities. But you can’t really shrink the edges on a laptop screen in isolation – that means a bigger redesign, which is what we can likely see with the next-generation MacBook Pro.

Face cameras

One area where the MacBook Pro 13 was really supposed to be better with 2020 was the front cameras. The 720p camera still sits on top of the screen, which is now a long time in the tooth, and when you use a powerful and high-end device it feels out of place. Recent updates to the 27-inch iMac give us a hint, right?

Battery life

Battery life is extremely reliable. Apple claims the battery life is about 10 hours for web use, and if you don’t use the battery that Google Chrome sees, it will easily remove this tag, even if you keep the tabs open in Safari not warranted with a number. I usually keep the brightness level down, which also helps with battery stats.

This again gives us the good news of Apple’s silicon-powered MacBook update that will arrive later this year or early next year. The MacBook Pro 13 or whatever to replace it is expected to be one of the first Macs to get the quality of an Apple Silicon. Does this mean you won’t be buying this MacBook Pro 13? The answer lies in this simple question – do you need a laptop now? If yes, then do it for work from home or because you need a new device because your old machine has been discontinued, this MacBook Pro 13 makes perfect sense. Although Apple is moving away from Intel processors starting next year, that doesn’t mean that the Intel-powered MacBook will suddenly stop working. It will continue to operate efficiently as usual, it will continue to receive software updates and everything will continue as normal.

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