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Apple Watch 6 may have Better battery life, sleep analysis and more

This year’s launch cycle may have hit one episode, but the next Apple Watch is still on track for the first film in the fall. However, rumors of iPhone delays continue to pick up, with the new iPads expected to launch in the first half of September in the next Apple Watch (probably called Series 6). And while we don’t know what Apple has in store for the watch, there are plenty of rumors, and meanwhile, there are also some hidden clues in the latest WatchOS 7 update to empty them.

Design: Apple Watch is rounded, but not this year
This year’s Apple Watch will likely look like its predecessors: a square-shaped body with rounded edges and an OLED display that folds to the sides. As in previous years, Apple may offer some minor upgrades such as increasing screen size (to show the new watch faces that come with watchOS 7), various bezel materials, and some watchband options, but yet with a drastic redesign much There is not much evidence. For Apple Watch – As of now.
Rumors about a circular watch face on the Apple Watch have been circulating for a few years now, and Apple has also issued some patents for the Apple Watch that show what a round screen might look like. But having a patent does not guarantee that Apple will use it in a final product, and a change in this magnitude would require Apple to rework the hardware and software of the watch, so it could take a few more years to become a reality. Huh.

A pulse oximeter to measure blood oxygen levels

Health has been a major growth category for the Apple Watch since inception, as it recently added basic sleep tracking, mobility metrics, and listening to health alerts in WatchOS 7. We expect this trend to continue. The major health feature of this year’s 6 Series could be its SpO2 tracking, or the ability to monitor blood oxygen saturation.

Track more powerful sleep

The Apple Watch (Series 3 and later) will finally get original sleep tracking with updates to WatchOS 7 in the fall, but series 6 makes sleep tracking even more powerful by improving battery life and tracking blood oxygen levels at night Can.

Along with some sleep apps, as well as some Apple Watch competitors that provide quality of sleep and breakdown of stages, the Apple Watch primarily focuses on the time you sleep. If Series 6 had SpO2 tracking, it might be able to visualize the perceived difference in nocturnal oxygenation and help users with sleep-related conditions such as sleep apnea.

Apple Watch is child-friendly

The leaked iOS 14 code has also been pointed to new parenting gadgets. Instead of giving iPhones to their children, parents wishing to stay in touch with their children can install a second Apple Watch (completely separate from their own phone) using their iPhone and Apple ID as hosts. This would also require parents to say what kind of materials their children could access such as emergency contacts and music.

Track panic attacks and stress

The Apple Watch Series 6 is also said to have several mental health monitoring features, including the ability to detect when the wearer is about to experience a panic attack (another feature in time, if Resolved during the global pandemic). The rumor was also mentioned in an April 30 leak, which indicated a “discovery of mental health abnormalities”.


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