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Bluetooth Next update aims to turn wearables into COVID-19 Finder


The body managing the Bluetooth wireless standard is creating new specifications that allow wearables to become COVID-19 trackers. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group said it wants to take a smartphone-based contract tracking system, exposure notification system, and expand it to wearable devices such as bracelets.

All public contract tracking systems, including those published by government health agencies, are using exposure notification systems and dependencies on Bluetooth technology already in smartphones to notify people if they are diagnosed with COVID-19 Are in close contact with a person. However, not everyone owns a smartphone, including children.

However, if your child has a fitness tracker or watch, then with this new effort, he/she will be able to participate in an exposure notification system. In other words, through Bluetooth-enabled wearables, they can also be notified if they are possessed by a person with COVID-19.

SIG said that more than 130 companies have already joined the Bluetooth SIG Exposure Notification Working Group, with the promise of adding support to their wearable devices: Bluetooth technology to combat the COVID-19 epidemic.