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Facebook Messenger’s messages will now have Face ID protection:Techbugs

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Facebook Messenger can soon add Face ID support to keep your conversations safe from neighbors.
The function prevents access to Messenger until it unlocks with your face for the first time. This appears to be a useful addition to the security-conscious app but is still under development.

Facebook Messenger currently relies on the security protection of your iPhone to keep your conversations private. When someone detects your passcode, they also have access to your messages.

Facebook seems to be planning an additional level of security that users can use to lock the Messenger app with Face ID – and possibly with Touch ID on older devices.

Does Facebook Messenger will get support for Face ID?

Developer Jane Manchun Wong found evidence of Face ID support hidden in an existing messenger build. The screenshot below explains how it can work and shows some security options.

“If enabled, you need to use Face ID to unlock the app,” the description said. “You can still play messages from notifications and take calls when the app is locked.”

The lock can be applied immediately after the Messenger closes, one minute later, 15 minutes later, or one hour later. Facebook also does not mention that your facial ID data is not transmitted or stored by Facebook, Inc.

It’s not ready yet

Wong actually saw the screenshot in the Android version of Messenger – despite the mention of Face ID. But this is evident in the early stages of development (that Typo explains). This means that there is no guarantee that this feature will be included in any public messenger build. Nevertheless, many users will probably appreciate an extra level of security for their messages.