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Facebook is offering $5 to your Voice Recording! Let’s see who all qualify to train its speech recognition

Facebook is Paying  $5 to Users

Social media giant Facebook is offering selected users $5 to improve their speech recognition technology. According to Verge, Facebook will record the voice of some users as a “pronoun” through a new program in its Viewer Market Research app. The move takes place to Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, which had already developed their speech recognition skills and later stopped them. After complaints that third-party sources received voice recordings.

Facebook Voice Recognition

Eligible participants are asked to record their voice and say “Hey Portal”, followed by a friend’s first name from their Facebook friends list. Participants must repeat the name twice and can be used for up to 10 friends.

USD 5 will only be paid out after completing 1,000 points. After completing a set, participants receive 200 points in the Viewpoints Market Research app. According to the report, participants are offered five sets of voice recordings to achieve the 1,000 point goal.

Therefore, after completing all five sets through PayPal, the attendee will receive $ 5. The report also said that audio recordings are not shared with Facebook or other Facebook-owned services without users’ prior permission.

The “pronoun” program is slowly being introduced so that all Facebook users can access it. In the United States, the accent program is aimed at people who have reached the age of 18 and must have more than 75 friends on the social networking platform.

A report published by Bloomberg on April 14, 2019, states that the social media giant has commissioned third-party providers to transmit audio clips from users of its service. On the other hand, Facebook’s own messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ has more than two billion users. In July, the messaging app said it had just over 400 million users in India.

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