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Facebook is shutting down Facebook lite for iOS: Details here


Shutdown message for Facebook Lite users

On Tuesday, when people in Brazil launched Facebook Lite on their phones, the service displayed a warning message about the shutdown and advised them to switch to the social network’s main app.

“You can use the original Facebook app to keep in touch with friends and family.”


Later, the social network confirmed the move. When users began complaining about the potential shutdown of Facebook Lite, a company spokesperson issued a statement confirming the move and explaining the company’s reasons for it.

The rep said: “We will no longer support Facebook for iOS due to limited approvals and improvements we are making to improve people’s experience with our apps.”

Many questions remain unanswered

Although Facebook has confirmed dropping its Lite app on iOS, several questions remain unanswered, including whether the app will disappear in other areas as well, and whether something similar is being planned for Android.

It should be noted that the Android version of Facebook Lite has already gained a lot of momentum, with over 1 billion installations on the Google Play Store.

The release

Facebook Lite first appeared on Android in 2015, but the iOS version appeared later in October 2018. Furthermore, at first, this version was only available in Turkey.

The idea behind the Lite service was to remove unnecessary clutter (such as animations and auto-play videos) from the Facebook app experience and give something that even older, less-imagined phones and people with 2G connections can use.


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