FORTNITE FNCS: Epic Games Makes Changes to Competitive Fortnite

FORTNITE FNCS: Epic Games Makes Changes to Competitive Fortnite

Today the games of Fortnite Champion Series “Solo” begin. Epic Games responded to the players’ requirements by introducing specific changes, which were appreciated by the Fortnite community. Some weapons and items like magic work in normal matches, but they outperform the competitive mode. Changes are being implemented to address this issue.

Esa’s launcher and analyst Fortnite Arten “Ballatw” confirmed the news in a recent tweet. Balla mentioned Epic Competitive Product as its source.

Important changes before the Fortnite competition

The bombs were completely removed, while the stinky bombs were lowered in the competitive mode. The accumulation of grenades has become a major concern. In fact, throwing grenades at a trapped player leads to free killing as it does not give a warning of impending death. There is no time to reach safety.

Removing grenades makes the competitive situation more difficult and emphasizes pure skill. While having a good target to throw grenades is also a skill, keep in mind that players stack these grenades and throw them at the players.

A limited number of stinking bombs

Stink Bombs enjoyed an eternal presence in the game. Now, only by eliminating thieves will you get foul bombs. Previously, a team of two / three could easily get a good amount of stinking bombs. No matter how hard you try to escape, your enemies can continue to throw you at you. Epic Games have not completely removed it, but restricted its presence. Now, however, the frequency of pumps has been reduced significantly.

Thieves are another cause for great concern. The Fortnite community has not been a fan of these AI creatures. You can find it by eliminating single players, even in competitive situations.

However, the changes made by Epic Games before FNCS are a testament to the active interest they have shown in listening to the players. Elimination and restriction of editions improved the competitive position, which was well received by the players.

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