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Game of Thrones Series Finale Recap : End – The end of journeying to Winterfell, King’s Landing and Castle Black. The end of dragons and direwolves; schemes and ravens and trials by combat. This is the end of Game of Thrones. It might not be the end you wanted. But if there’s one thing the remaining characters on Game of Thrones have learned over their eight seasons of epic struggle, it’s that survival depends on dealing with a situation as it really is. So let’s break down what actually happens in the final episode of Game of Thrones.


Kudos too to Kristofer Hivju, who in just a few seconds made us see how sad Brienne’s rejection made Tormund. Let’s face it, if she’d picked him she’d be having an uncomplicated laugh in the north right now.

Game of Thrones Series – Important Point

 I really liked the ambush scene. It demonstrated that all the dragons in the world mean nothing if your enemy has had time to think and counteract.

 Cersei’s power lies not so much in strategic skill as in her ability to do the unthinkable, which may yet let leave her vulnerable to defeat.


 That said, when will Tyrion learn that his big sister has no better nature to appeal to?

 I remain tickled by the fact that Dany and Jon talk constantly about how bad it is that he has a claim to the Iron Throne, while seeming unbothered by the whole ‘she’s his aunt’ thing. At least Varys and Tyrion mentioned it.

 I would like Bronn to deliver his own motivational classes on ‘How to succeed in Westeros without really trying’. Next up, Highgarden. He’ll be the last cockroach standing, just you wait …

 Congratulations to everyone who called it about Gilly’s pregnancy. Good luck Gilly and Sam, please stay in the North, currently the safest part of the land (and yes I never thought I’d write that).

 Speaking of pregnancies: while it was a smart move for Cersei to claim Euron is the father of her child, I’m guessing we’re in for an almighty showdown between him and Jaime (the actual father) once he gets to King’s Landing.

 Finally, another fallen hero with only two episodes to go: raise your glasses to Missandei of Narth. She died bravely. Dracarys

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