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The US-based technology group Google has launched a new program “Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate”, which provides ready-to-use knowledge in the areas of Python, Git and IT automation in less than six months.

“Python is now the most popular programming language and requires knowledge of Python, including more than 530,000 American jobs, 75,000 entry-level jobs. With this new certificate, you can learn Python, Git and IT automation within six months, ”said Natalie Van Cleef Conley, Product Manager with Gro, in a statement on Thursday.


The program is part of the “Grow with Google” initiative, which gives employees access to qualification and training measures. It involves a final project where learners use their new skills to solve a problem, such that they can build a web service on automation.

Individuals completing the program receive a shared certificate, access to career resources and the opportunity to share information with potential employers.

“To ensure that learners with an underground background have access to both IT certifications, will make 2,500 need-based grants through nonprofit mediums such as Goodwill, Merit America, Per Scholas and Appage Global. Along with top employers such as Walmart, Hulu and Sprint, Google hires IT employees as an opportunity to complete the program, ”Conley said.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai and White House adviser Ivanka Trump announced the event last October. The goal is to give 250,000 Americans the opportunity to teach technical skills.

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