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Google Confirms: Android 11 won’t show lockscreen album art

Android 11 has some changes to the way media handling is handled in the user experience. The first developer preview tested the controversial step of changing the music player’s notification to the Quick Settings panel. Beta 1 made the feature accessible, while Beta 2 enabled it by default. Then there are media controls that make it easy to change the output device for audio and video, to allow the phone to call up to 5 previous media sessions during reboots. Now, information has appeared that Google may include another change in Android 11, removing the ability to preview the album on the entire lock screen.

As long as you have music on your device in older Android versions, the art of music album is spread across the lock screen. Android 10 applied a slight blur effect to the artwork. So during your playlist, you will have different artwork for an album on the lock screen. This was a small, temporary, but refreshing, change for UX, which came back to show the wallpaper once the music stopped playing.

Android 11 news on XDA

As a result, Google decided to remove the ability to display the album art on the lock screen in Android R / Android 11, as confirmed in the Google Track Tracker.

“We no longer display the album art on the lock screen in R. Comment # 1: It has been fixed in our internal release (preceding the public release) and will be available in the future.”

Initially, users reported how the album art disappeared from the lock screen if Face Unlock was enabled, assuming an error. However, the bug is the appearance in the first place, as Google no longer intends the album image to appear on the lock screen on Android 11. Why? We really don’t know, because no real reason or explanation was provided for this step.

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