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Google launched beta version of Duo for Android TV

Technology giant Google announced that the Google Duo video-calling application will soon be available on Android TV. According to Mashable, Google Duo has been around for 5 years and is available for Google smart displays such as Android, iOS, Web and even Google Nest Hub Max. Now, the tech company is increasing support for the Google Duo by introducing Android Smart TV under the range.

Google said in a blog post: “In an effort to bring the video calling experience to more parts of its home, the Google Duo is releasing a beta version on Android TV in the coming weeks.” If a person’s TV has a webcam, the user is fine with the video call. But if not, the user can connect to a USB webcam to receive and make video calls on the big screen.

According to Mashable, the announcement comes soon after Google announced support for Google Meet – another Google video calling service on Chromecast. So, if Google Meet was an option for your video calling service, you can now send calls from your phone to a Cast compatible device such as a laptop or TV. (IANS)