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Google Nest smart speaker will be launched this month

A new Google Nest smart speaker could hit stores in the coming weeks, according to the popular Roland Quandt leak in a recent tweet.

According to Quandt, Google’s latest smart speakers will be available from ‘late August’ and will cost € 100, at $ 120 / £ 90 / AU $ 160. This is slightly more expensive than the original Google Home, which costs ( $ 89 / £ 89 / AU $ 128) at launch.

Google Home will soon be released as “J2” and should cost around 100 euros. Available from the end of August, says Retail.

In a follow-up tweet, Quandt also says that the new wireless speaker will be available “in charcoal and chalk as usual,” in line with previous Google Assistant speakers like the Google Nest Hub Max and Google Home Max.

Loud voice

Google confirmed the existence of its latest speakers in July, sharing a video of the smart speaker in action, in response to an Android TV Guide leak on Twitter. The video shows that the new Nest speaker adopted the same mesh fabric design that we saw with Google Nest Mini. The device, standing upright, again features hidden LED lights under the aforementioned fabric.

The new Google Nest is rumored to include larger drivers than the first Google Home, giving it louder sound and better bass response, although 9to5Google says it won’t be as solid as the larger Google Home Max.

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What the new speaker will call remains a mystery. A few years ago, Google placed the vast majority of its smart devices under the Google Nest umbrella, which means that all products are interconnected and compatible with the Nest series of smart thermostats, alarms, and security cameras.

Anyway, we are excited to learn how Google updated the original smart woofer; After all, Google Home launched almost four years ago and the world of smart headphones has evolved considerably since then.

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