Google Play Music Will Stop Working in India 1st October

Google Play Music

Google Play Music Will Stop Working in India starting in September – Google Play Music announced that from October it will stop working for users in India and many other markets around the world. Google Play Music users will continue until December to transfer their content to YouTube Music. A transfer option has already been set up for Google Play Music users. The tech giant also said it is making changes to the Google Play Store and Music Manager.

YouTube announced in a blog post that Google Play Music will be replaced by YouTube Music. It has a deadline of December 2020 where Google Play Music subscribers can transfer their content, such as playlists, music libraries, and personal taste preferences, to YouTube Music. Please note that Google Play Music user libraries will not be available after December 2020. Gadgets 360 can confirm that the option to transfer music content has already started flashing for YouTube Music users for some time.

Additionally, Google has announced that Google Play Music users will not be able to stream or use the Google Play Music app in the coming months. Subscribers in New Zealand and South Africa will no longer be able to use the app, and other global markets, including India, will no longer be able to access the app from October.

Android users will soon be able to control music on the phone through a Windows computer
“In late August, users will not be able to purchase and reserve music or download and download music from Google Play Music through Music Manager,” added a blog post.

How to migrate content from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

To transfer their data from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, subscribers can follow any of the options. The first is to visit and click Transfer. The second method is through an application transfer tool. Click your profile picture> Settings> Transfer, then transfer data from Google Play Music.

Google says it will transfer the complete music library from Google Play that includes downloaded and purchased songs, playlists, stations, albums, songs from the library, popular and favorite songs, as well as subscription billing information. The company will convert the Google Play Music subscription to the equivalent level of YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium. In February 2020, YouTube had 20 million paid music and subscribers and more than 2 million YouTube subscribers.

YouTube Music improvements

In addition to introducing the transfer tool in the YouTube Music app in May, Google has also improved and added new features to the app that are familiar to Google Play Music users. Changes have been made to auxiliary playlist creation, where users can quickly create playlists by adding recommended songs based on the songs in the current playlist. Users can also collaborate with other music lovers to create shared playlists called cooperative playlists. The app will also allow users to browse programmed playlists like Highline, Caribbean Pulse, Condition Underground and others.

Google has also introduced features and improvements to the YouTube music player page (available for Android mobile users) to give users better control over playback. The new “Browse” tab will allow users to find new releases, including albums, individual songs, and music videos. Available on mobile and web devices, this option also contains a catalog of playlists based on mood and gender.

YouTube Music is now available on Android TV through an update. The integration of the application with Google Maps allows subscribers to listen to music and get recommendations within the Google Maps interface. Users can now request Google Assistant on Google Home and Nest smart speakers to play recommended music from YouTube Music.

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