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Los Santos Summer in Grand Theft Auto V continues exclusively this week in GTA Online with the San Andreas Prix Week Edition. The latest updates include new open-wheel racing tracks, additional bonuses and discounts, and a free T-shirt.

Rockstar has revealed nine new tracks for the GTA Online open-wheel racing series. These high-speed courses take you through the Winwood sign, through The Land Act Dam, and onto the Los Santos Highway, with plenty of other stops along the way. If you slip behind the wheel of any Rockstar-made open-wheel race this week, you will also win 3X GTA $ and RP.

Both VIP and MC Work and Challenges are also offering double bonuses this week. The two activities that were played the most this week will determine the next week’s Sports Awards. If players face more challenges and serve as VIPs, double prizes will be applied to all of next week’s special merchandise sale missions. If players participate in more MC work and challenges, all Biker Business 2X GTA $ & RP sales missions will be awarded from September 3 to September 9.

If you complete a VIP or MC job this week, someday you will get a free green dot tech mask similar to the character of Watch Dogs. By playing GTA Online for the next seven days before September 2, you will be able to get a VAPS Den T-shirt for free.

This week also has some discounts on offer at Los Santos, including:

  • 40% Off On MC Clubhouses: Downtown Vineude, Grape Seed, Great Chaparral, Hauik, La Mesa, Paletto Bay (1 Palto Blvd and 68 Palto Blvd), Pillbox Hill, Rancho, Sandy Shore and Vespude Beach.
  • 40% off on executive offices: Labyrinth Bank West, Arcadius Business Center, Lombank West, and Labyrinth Bank Tower.
  • 40% off motorcycle business: Forging offices, fake money factories, herb farms, meth laboratories and cocaine hideouts.
  • 30% off on executive office allocation: Interiors, organization name change, money safe, gun locker, housing and personal assistant. Ocelot is 35% off R88 and 40% off Declasse Hotrod Saber, Declasse Drift Tampa and Delasse Drift Yosemite.

Prime Gaming subscribers who have linked their accounts to Rockstar Social Club can now earn the latest weekly bonus of $ 200,000. You also get the Vespucci Canals nightclub for free, as well as access to a special discount that gives you 70% off Mammoth Avenger and 75% off Avenger Weapon workshops and armed vehicles.


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