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Rockstar Games announced that GTA Online will receive an update on August 11 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With the special summer update titled, it will add a new set of activities for you to participate.
These activities include new co-op missions that you can start with the Galaxy Super Yacht, more open wheel race events, dozens of vehicles you can add to your garage, and more.
Those who own the Galaxy Super Yacht can participate in new missions in single-player or co-op. Some missions will cost you to dive into the depths of the sea in search of some, while others require high-stakes evasion while out in the open sea. In addition to new naval missions, the Summer Special update also includes new rival modes and action battles.

The GTA Online Summer Special Update also includes more than a dozen vehicles, including Benny Original Motor Works customized, off-road, and more cars. While there are a series of new open wheel race events, in which you can take your new car and race it in a circuit that you have created using an open wheel race Creator.
The Summer Special also includes a number of common fixes and bug fixes when it arrives next week, along with a series of weekly specials and bonuses to be held in the coming months. Rockstar has not specified anything but has confirmed that details will come soon.
In other Grand Theft Auto V news, Rockstar has confirmed that the seven-year open-world game will launch on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in the second half of 2021. When it arrives, it will feature exclusive next generation content for GTA Online] ‘;

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