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Huawei: HiSilicon Kirin Smartphone Chips Running Out Under US Sanctions

Huawei: HiSilicon Kirin Smartphone Chips Running Out Under US Sanctions – Financial magazine Caixin said on Saturday that Huawei Technologies will stop making flagship Kirin chips next month, as US pressure on the Chinese tech giant continues to grow.
US pressure on Huawei’s suppliers has made it impossible for the company’s HiSilicon chip division to continue to ship mobile phone core chips and components, as Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Unit, launched the company’s new Mate device. Told about 40 phones at an industry conference, China Info 100. A report by Chinese publisher IT Home states that the Huawei Mate 40 will still be equipped with the flagship Kirin SoC, citing Yu.
With relations between the United States and China in their worst-case in decades, Washington is pressuring governments around the world to press on Huwave, arguing that he handed over the data to the Chinese government on charges of espionage Will give. Huawei has denied spying for China.
The United States is also seeking to extradite Huawei CFO Meng Wenzhou to Canada on charges of bank fraud.
In May, the US Department of Commerce issued orders requiring software and manufacturing equipment suppliers to refrain from doing business with Huawei without first obtaining a license.
According to Cassin, Yu said, “Since September 15, our flagship Kirin processor cannot be produced.” “Our AI chips also cannot be processed. This is a big loss for us.”
Huawei’s Hyosilicon division relies on software sourced from US companies such as Cadence Design Systems Inc. or Synopsis to design its chips, and is also outsourcing production to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which is a company based on US companies. Uses of equipment.
Huawei declined to comment on the Caixin report. TSMC, Tal, and Synopsys did not immediately respond to email requests for comment.
“Huawei began exploring the chip sector more than 10 years ago, with extreme gaps, to fall slightly backward, then to capture a leader,”
Yu was quoted as saying. “We have put in tremendous resources for research and development, and have gone through a difficult process.”

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