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Intel Rolls Out Leadership Changes after failures with 7 nm

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Intel stocks continued to drop in prices on Monday, albeit at a slower rate. The company’s management was forced to make personal and organizational decisions that would help to rectify the situation by developing new lithography techniques. Venkata Rendoshintala, who has been in charge of manufacturing operations for the past few years, will lose his position.
Dr. Venkata Renuchintala joined Intel in 2015 under former CEO Brian Krzanich. Most recently, Renuchintala has worked as Intel’s Engineering Director and Head of Technology and Systems Engineering and Customer Solutions Group. It was this structure that CEO Robert Swan decided to crush and subdue directly, admitting that he was responsible for the delay in adopting 7nm technology. Dr. Renducintala, who oversaw the development of new lithography technologies, will leave Intel on August 3.
The division, led by Venkata Rendocentala, will be divided into five structural units with direct reports to Intel’s CEO.
  • Dr. Ann Kelleher will lead the technology development. Prior to that, he headed the manufacturing division of Intel Corporation. His direct responsibilities included developing and expanding the production of 10 nm products. Kelleher will deal with the development of 7nm and 5nm technical processes in the future; Just as you can judge this phrase in the press release, Intel does not give up its own technological ambitions.
  • Ann Keeler will assist Dr. Mike Mayberry, who will hand over his new responsibilities, to the workflow for his next retirement. Mike has worked at Intel Labs for 36 years, and he will leave the company at the end of the year, but he must move the business over to his successor the remaining time.
  • Production and operations will be handled by Keyvan Esfarjani, who until recently headed the NSG Solid-State Memory Group. Esfarjani will mainly replace Ann Kelleher in relation to her transfer to another position and will oversee the company’s production facilities.
  • Josh Walden will temporarily take on engineering assignments and previously oversee the development of various platforms. In the future, a new leader will be found for this post, and Walden will return to product quality assurance and information security.
  • Intel will continue to define architecture, software and graphics under the guidance of Raja Kudori. It should be understood that the company’s management has no questions about Intel’s strategy for developing graphics solutions, and it will be more expensive to “switch horses at the crossroads” at this point. Let’s not forget that Apple’s old Kodori friend, talented processor engineer Jim Keeler, left Intel in the latter half of the year for personal reasons.
  • The acquisitions and acquisitions will remain under the control of Randhir Thakur and will report directly to the CEO. The absence of employee changes in this area indicates that the company’s management is satisfied with working with suppliers of materials and components.
The Intel press release concludes with comments from the president of the company, who is confident that former leaders will be able to lead it during this critical period. CEO Venkato Rendocintalo expressed his appreciation for his work and participation in transforming the Intel technology platform.