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The automakers presented some of their craziest and most amazing concepts at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and Mercedes-Benz went into sci-fi mode.

The Outlandish concept car called Vision AVRT, launched last week in Las Vegas, was inspired by the 2009 film Avatar with the big blue alien. The director of the film, James Cameron, was involved in the design of the vehicle.

Mercedes calls the vehicle “the distant future of mobility”. The vehicle has special circular wheels that were inspired by the “seeds of the tree of souls” from the film. These wheels can rotate so that AVTRs can move sideways or diagonally.

The rear is covered with scales called Mercedes Bionic Flap. They can be used to communicate with people outside the car through movements that occur naturally in subtle gestures.


Like most concept cars of the time, the AVTR offers a preview of the world of self-driving vehicles and has no steering wheel. Instead, the occupants interact with the vehicle via a vehicle-like biometric control that leaves the center console.

If you put a hand on the controller, the driver’s interior and notes are cleared by stopping the heartbeat and breathing. A menu selection is offered on the palm of the hand, through which the traveler can effortlessly choose between various functions with 3D graphics.

AVTR is also planet-friendly. This graphene is not only (naturally) operated electrically, but also uses a revolutionary battery technology that is based on organic cell chemistry, is free of rare earth and metals and is completely recycled. The vegetarian-friendly seats are made of leather-like Dinamika microfiber.

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