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Netflix started testing HD video streaming for mobile in India and Basic Plans

Netflix has previously updated the streaming video quality range for its mobile and basic plans from Standard Definition (SD) to High Definition (HD).

Last July, Netflix announced plans to launch only mobile phones in India for $5. The plan gives the user a chance to reach standard definition (480p) viewers, and recently Netflix quietly rolled out a resolution of 720p on its ₹199 mobile plans and ₹499 on the original plan.

Changes to the plan are in line with the gadgets 360, and Netflix informed them that the revised plans are part of the company’s new test and have been available in the country since early February.

“We are always looking for ways to make the Netflix experience more immersive and enjoyable for our members. At the moment it is a test and cannot be brought to the mass.” , A Netflix spokeswoman told Gadgets360.

As we see in the image below, Netflix India’s plan sheet has been updated to reflect these changes. The company’s entry-level plans are planning to consider offering a higher resolution for the long term.

Given the user’s plan that video quality is not the same on other OTT platforms, this new test is likely to get a good audience response. In addition, paying $ 499 for a basic plan without access to HD content, a significant number of Indians dropped out of the Standard Standard Plan / Plan 99799 Prem Premium Plan or completely unsubscribed from Netflix.

In my opinion, this is a welcome move for Netflix and will attract new users to the platform. Netflix considers its 199 mobile plans a success, and so the decision to include HD resolution would be a cherry on the viewer’s point of view.

Having said that, you’ll need a Widevine L1 certified phone to enjoy the content in HD. You can go to Netflix’s HD compatible device list to find out if your phone supports Netflix HD playback.

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