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Paytm app removed from Play Store For violates guidelines of Google


Paytm removed Play Store – Google has taken digital payments behemoth Paytm off its Play Store on Friday, stating that the app was allowing customers to play online games, which facilitated sports betting.Earlier today, Google India as part of its blog released its new guidelines against gambling policies in the country.


Google has also published a blog post highlighting the Play Store’s gambling policies which is said to be the reason behind the removal.Paytm has been removed from the Google Play Store.The app is no longer available to download for Android users.Google’s move to pull the app from the Play Store is said to be linked with Paytm’s fantasy games offerings.Interestingly Google India published a blog post today highlighting the Play Store’s policies on gambling.the blog post doesn’t mention Paytm but it points out the app store’s gambling policies.

Owned by an Indian company called One97 Communications Ltd, Paytm is India’s most popular app and claims over 50 million monthly active users.

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