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PlayStation is hiring people to play video games, and here’s what you need to do. Playing video games is not only a hobby, but also a passion for some people. They can play day and night games online for a moment without getting tired or bored.

Now, if you are also a passionate gamer and want to make it your career, then we have brought a great business opportunity for you. PlayStation is looking for some test players to review their games before the upcoming PS5 release.

The vacation, which was posted under PlayStation’s Translation Testers job title, is actually listed. One of the requirements listed includes being a passionate game player. Doing this work will give you the opportunity to work in the UK if you have a work permit.

However, the functionality comes with little sophistication. To apply for a job, you need to know the English language, as well as Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, or Arabic. If you are someone who loves any of these three languages ​​and is fond of video games, then you can be an ideal candidate for the company.

All successful candidates have to take a translation test in their chosen language. Once completed, it will cover 37.5 hours per week on a 9 to 5.30 job every Monday to Friday.


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