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Pokémon GO Community Day August features Magikarp

Pokémon GO, Community Day, Magikarp
There is no doubt that this useless fish is a favorite of fans of extreme development. That’s right, the next community day revolves around Magikarp.
Magikarp is one of the few Pokémon in the game that already has smaller bursts of great availability as the first great in the game, and if you pick up a lot of Magikarp, you might actually have a Gold Magikarp or a red Gyarados. However, for everyone, it’s time to get that gorgeous shiny Pokemon.
Magikarp Community Day will be August 8, earlier in the month compared to many people, and it will have some different advantages:
Any Magikarp you develop on Community Day will learn the rare, charged “Aqua Tail” attack like Gyarados.
During the duration of the event, the incense will last six times longer, for three hours instead of 30 minutes.
When Pokemon is caught during the event, he will get three times the normal amount of star
Many enthusiastic players are disappointed that a glossy Pokemon has been in the game for a long time being the star of today’s community, but ordinary players couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the chance to get one of the most popular glossy Pokemon in the franchise.


  • Magikarp will frequently appear in nature. If you are lucky, you can find the cool Magikarp.
  • Magikarp evolved during the event or two hours later to earn a Gyarados known as Aqua Tail.
  • Take a few snapshots during Community Day to get a surprise!
  • It takes a bit of candy to make Magikarp turn into Gyarados!
    • Complete event-specific field search quests to earn additional Magikarp candy.
  • There will be a special fund for August Community Day for one-time purchase with
    • 30 super balls,
    • Elite ChargedTM,
    • Cut six stars,
    • Incense!
  • For $ 1 (or the equivalent price level in your local currency), you’ll be able to access the exclusive local search story for a local day. Follow Professor Willow as he learns about Magikarp and his epic journey of evolution!