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PS5 prices leaked from a major French retailer | Get Notified when Pre-Orders Go Live

How much will it cost for the PS5 and Xbox Series X? These are the most important details for players entering this holiday season. The price will make or break new keyboards, especially during the new Coronavirus

epidemic, while money is tight for many people. Sony’s health crisis can harm Microsoft in two different ways. First, manufacturing may always be delayed due to a COVID-19 outbreak. Secondly, it is clear that the economic crisis caused by the epidemic will somewhat affect PlayStation and Xbox sales to some extent.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X will offer tremendous performance gains compared to their predecessors, so it makes sense to cost them more than previous consoles. New gaming platforms feature dedicated processors and storage solutions that provide faster data rates and better graphics than ever before. These parts aren’t cheap, and gamers can’t expect the PS5 and Xbox series to be as affordable as previous generations today. Sony or Microsoft don’t seem ready to be the first company to announce pricing details, but a new leak of French charts may have spoiled things on the PS5.

Carrefour is one of the largest retail chains in France, and the company has stores throughout the European Union. Carrefour will soon receive pre-orders for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, according to the order page on its website.


Pre-order for PS5 and Xbox Series X

But Carrefour briefly listed all the PS5 products that Sony unveiled a few weeks ago, complete with pricing details. French blog PhonAndroid picked up the screenshot below, complete with pricing details, before removing the page. The speed with which these listings have been removed can be a sign of real retail prices and not just placeholders.

The price of the digital edition of the PS5 is 399 euros, while the regular PS5 model costs 499 euros, according to this leak. These prices are in line with what some PS5 price rumors say. The regular PS5 will cost $ 100 or € 100 more than the diskless model, depending on the region. If these prices are real and are not placeholders, we will remind you that they include VAT, and therefore direct conversion to dollars is irrelevant.

PS5 price leak

The default price for the PS5 listed in Carrefour. Image source: Carrefour, via PhonAndroid
Sony’s PS4 pricing structure would be more helpful in guiding us in the right direction when it comes to pricing in the U.S. The PlayStation 4 launch rates were $ 399 (US), 399 € (European Union), and 349 £ (UK). If Carrefour data is accurate, the digital version of the PS5 may cost $ 399 upon launch, and the regular model will start at $ 499.

The confusing thing is the pricing structure of the PS5 accessories. All of them are listed at € 49.90, which seems unlikely. While this seems to be a reasonable price for the new DualSense controller, some other accessories should be cheaper than that. Carrefour has removed all quotes from its website once users find the information. The X series pricing structure has not been leaked, although French retailers will offer both pre-order consoles “soon”.

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