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Reddit CEO Steve Huffman rips TikTok is spyware designed for your phone

The CEO and co-founder of Reddit compare the words surfaced against the popular social media platform TickTalk.According to TechCrunch, Reddit boss Steve Huffman said, “I may regret it, but I’m going to a level of thinking with him.” “I basically see that app as a parasite because they are always listening, the fingerprint technology they use is really terrible, and I want to install such an app on my phone Can’t bring myself. “Slow Ventures, the venture capital firm of Lightspeed Venture Partners and former vice president of product management, asked for a day-long conference called “Social 2030” in front of a group of Silicon Valley investors and entrepreneurs.Huffman is among the first to raise privacy concerns about the controversial short video platform – a US military ban on using the Chinese-owned app in December, citing security concerns. This app, owned by tech startup Bitdance, first released a hacker movement to users.

Huffman later said, “I actively tell people to install spyware on their phones.”

A spokesman for Tip Tok commented on the comment, with Huffman stating “baseless allegations based on blunt evidence.”

His comments came during a discussion about what he can learn on the Silicon Valley Startup Telescope to discuss identity trends in a social app.

In addition to security issues, Tikok raised many security concerns due to the dangerous “challenges” of users. The app has also been accused of suppressing videos of physically disabled users.

Nevertheless, Tiktok – formerly known as “” – is extremely popular, with some teens even richer than posting videos.

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