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ROCCAT Mice & Keyboards is now Dr Disrespect’s Exclusive Partner For PC Gaming

Turtle Beach (NASDAQ: HER) today announced ROCCAT, its Hamburg, Germany-based PC accessories brand, and Shameless Dr. Announces New Partnership Between Disrespect. In this new multi-year contract, Drs. Turtle Beach’s existing partnership with Etler expands, making it Rocket Dock’s exclusive keyboard, mouse and mousepad partner. Acquired by Turtle Beach in 2010, ROCCAT combines expansion-savvy German innovation with a genuine passion for PC gaming and a history of building award-winning devices such as the acclaimed Ken Mouse and the Vulcan keyboard, both of which already feature the Doctor’s arsenal Are in Rene Corte, general manager of PC products at Turtle Beach, said, “Dr. Asman is a powerful gamer and powerful companion. “There are plenty of streamers with dock-to-play and entertainment skills, so it’s an honor to provide her with our great PC hardware, and we look forward to continuing our work together.”

Dr. Dissinart was awarded the Esports Awards as a two-time (1, 2) year streamer and has over 3 million followers on his Twitch channel with over 1 million followers. field. In 2019, a dead dead producer, Skybound Entertainment, signed a television deal with Doc to develop a TV series based on his character. In mid-February, another contract was announced in mid-February for a comic “memoir” detailing the backstory in the contract book, which is under the influence of Simon & Schuster, Gallery Books, and will be released to you next spring. Will be published in “Benjamin Franklin or once declared, ‘The best investment is in one’s own trading tools,” Dr. The disrespect said. “Only Rocket’s beloved, precision-engineered gaming equipment can meet my exacting demands for the premiere tools needed to dominate my competition.”

Dr. Anassider is currently using RoyCACT’s award-winning Can series mice and Vulcan series keyboards. Cain is born with the most popular “click” approach and aims to provide the highest precision performance as one of the fastest and most responsive PC gaming mice available. The popular tech/lifestyle publication T3 recently named Ken 120 AIMO “the best gaming mouse available today.” Rock’s latest Vulcan 122 AIMO mechanical gaming keyboard is a new and faster version of the Vulcan 120 AIMO that Wired has named the best gaming keyboard of 2019. In addition to using RossiCat’s latest gear to kill a contestant, Drs. Anastrack will work on a range of signature products, combining the precise engineering of the RossiCat with dock-dominated gameplay.

Dr. To experience Asadesty’s unique and interesting gaming session, check out their Twitch channel. For more information about ROCCAT’s high-quality line-up, German-engineered PC gaming devices, visit

About Turtle Beach Corporation

Turtle Beach is a leading gaming audio and brand accessory brand, offering a wide selection of cutting-edge, award-winning gaming headsets. Whether you are a professional esports, hardcore gamer, casual player or just to get started, Turtle Beach has a gaming headset that helps you develop your skills in a real sense. Innovative and advanced technology, amazing high-quality gaming audio, crystal-clear communication, lightweight and comfortable design and easy-to-use features make Turtle Beach a fan-favorite brand for sports around the world. The Tortoise Beach Gaming Headset is designed for Xbox, PlayStation® and Nintendo consoles as well as PC, Mac, and mobile / tablet devices giving a competitive advantage. Listen to everything Beat everyone 20011 at Turtle Beach acquired ROCCAT, a leading PC accessories manufacturer that combines German love with detail with a genuine passion for designing the best PC gaming products. Shades of Turtle Beach are traded by a sign on the Nasdaq exchange.

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