The Toyota GR Yaris is better then you think


Toyota is a brand that is recovering very strongly. But not in the financial sense. With one of the world’s largest manufacturers and a strong year-end sales report for 2019 in its pocket, Toyota is certainly considering any help. The attack talks about his reputation – his street credibility. The Supra went out of production in 2002 and was followed shortly after by Celica (a shell of the car it once was), with Toyota gaining a reputation for playing it safe and accompanying the lineup without inspiring projects Tracked sales volume. , The 2012 GT86 return was a small step in the right direction, and the 2018 Corolla hatchback signaled Toyota’s return to size, but the GR Yaris may be worth more than the 2020 Suppa for Toyota.

The Toyota GR Yaris

This time of boredom from the early 00s was a turning point for the recent Toyota boss Akiya Toyoda. He has motorsport in his veins to improve, has taken a racing driver through and through. It was not fair to see that his company was a milkcast in the United States. So he gave the green lights to cars like the 2020 Supara, led the development of the 2018 Corolla hatchback and led Toyota’s new GR (Gazoo Racing) performance field in 2017. Knowing that Toyota has an image problem in the United States and the United States, he is determined to fix it.

The GT86 and Supra certainly make a statement as to what kind of cars Toyota can build, but these two-door sports cars are marketed almost exclusively by enthusiasts – a small group of die-hard fans who can afford Neither way represents the average car buyer. Probably also the TRD series, which until recently was driven only by off-road vehicles and trucks and which only attracts a small group of customers.

Transforming the boring yet high-selling Corolla hatchback into a boring and incredibly manageable car, Toyota quietly drove over 300,000 fun cars in US workshops last year alone. That is a large number of people who abstain from purchasing certain cars because “performance” was a priority when purchasing a Corolla with a balanced chassis, lively engine, and leaky gear. And now, after the impression of an inexpensive Toyota buyer, a beige indulgent rental car, this is an inexpensive sporty hatchback.

The GR Yaris, largely inspired by the World Rally Championship racing cars, could be another win for Toyota in the United States, but will no longer make it to the United States. Which is a big disappointment given the technical datasheet? It is delivered with a 1.6-liter in-line three-cylinder with 268 hp and 273 lb-ft and is delivered to all four wheels via a six-speed manual transmission. The body gets exaggerated torches and lines and the chassis also gets a GR tune for good dimensions. All of this for around $ 36,000, with the even more powerful version priced at around $ 42,000.

GR Yaris

Since Toyota has left no indication that it will ship the GR Yaris to our shores, it has missed an opportunity to help Toyota rebuild its road. Given that Toyota sold only 20,000 Yaris models in the US in 2019, it could be argued that the numbers justify the introduction of a niche model. However, Toyota is already planning to build a small number of GR Yaris in 2020 to reduce damage to shipping. Providing people with a more affordable, accessible and comprehensive option that offers Toyota’s best is an easy win. More importantly, the presence of Toyota is another major step in people’s eyes.

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