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Tiktok views down in india | YouTube Vs Tiktok controversy

youtube-vs-tiktokYouTube Vs Tiktok

From past few weeks, there is a virtual war going between YouTubers and Tiktokers in order to find which is the most popular platform in India. This topic is not a recent thing, it was a matter of discussion from last 2 years now. Many people don’t like majority of the Tiktokers because they post useless videos in the name of content and call them influencers. If you are not aware of Tiktok, let me tell you about it, in brief.


Indian YouTuber-The video was widely reported by the community with many people calling out the queerphobic slurs used by Carryminati.

‘Act Responsibly, Don’t Empower Homophobia’One of the most famous and problematic dialogues of this video was

mithai ki dukan mein le jaunga toh 200 mein bik jayega.

Really funny 🙂

Now, CarryMinati has uploaded his latest video where he talks about the YouTube Vs Tiktok controversy. The video titled Stop Making Assumptions: YouTube vs TikTok: The End showcases the YouTuber in an emotional state where he has said that his words did not mean any harm and were meant in a humorous way without any such intentions. He also mentioned, “stop making assumptions and eventually turning those into facts”.