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Twitch Prime: Announced Free Games for March 2020

Techbugs: Twitch Prime March 3 games and Twitch Prime March 2 loot have been announced. Those of you who are Amazon Maison Prime are also automatically signing up for Twitch Prime, a rotating series of benefits that gives players free loot for free games and a variety of titles on multiple platforms. Now, the latest batch of content has come out – let’s check it out!

Twitch Prime March 2020 Games

Here are the games you can start on March 2, 2020:

Bomber crew

This tactical sim is a colorful flying World War 2-time bomber aircraft. Choose your crew, set up your plane, get out of the battle and hope you don’t shoot!


This is a fast and challenging game where players try to escape from prison using stylish sword fights and great guns.

Epistranes – Typing History

Go into a fantasy origami world and type your way to victory! You will also unlock the power of cold magic and solve challenging puzzles.


Aliens have taken over the planet. Set up a variety of physics-based webs, run like hell, and hope that aliens are stupid enough to run them.

The whispering of the machine

A cyber-enhanced special agent called Vera has to investigate a series of murders. Find a killer and get a dangerous AI before it’s too late!

Twitch Prime March 2020 loot

In addition to the Twitch Prime March 20 games, a bunch of free loot is also available! Here’s what you can get:

  • Available: Apex Legends – Gilded Rose Revenant Skin
  • Available: Raid Shadow Legends – 5 Ancient Shards & 4 Rank 4 Chickens
  • Available: FIFA 20 – Twitch Prime Player Pick Pack
  • Available: Madden 20 – Tomorrow’s Superstars Pack
  • Available: Rainbow 6 Siege – Maestro Operator Skin
  • Available: Ring of Elysium Drop 2 – Exclusive Skin Collection #2
  • Available: League of Legends Drop 3 – Mystery Skin Permanent
  • Available: Teamfight Tactics Drop 3 – Mystery Little Legends Egg and Mystery Emote
  • February 26: Destiny 2 – Exotic Emote, Exotic Sparrow, Legendary Ghost Shell, Exotic Ship
  • February 26: Black Desert Mobile Drop 6 – Boss Stamp x100
  • February 27: PUBG Drop 2 – Gunslinger Crate and Gunslinger ‘s Formal Jacket

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