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Vivo X50 Pro takes on 5G in Australia

Vivo V19
Perhaps you can name the most popular and popular smartphone brand without trying it, but just because you are more likely to see Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Huawei, and Oppo means that is not the case. The only option there.Other smaller brands appear from time to time, and some offer ideas that others may not have thought of. This may be to save a few dollars or insert custom buttons, but Vivo is trying something different with the imminent release of the first 5G phone in Australia.
Vivo has only a handful of phones in Australia, including the Vivo S1 last year, but a new model moves to our smaller location in the world, which is another option for locally available 5G phones, and it will come with any other phone. : Gimbal for camera setup.
The phone is the Vivo X50 Pro, which is the name that will answer the question “Is the X50 standard?” – No, but the X50 Lite is launching in Australia – it will be an Android phone, a 6.56-inch Full HD + AMOLED screen, and 256GB of storage at a great price only, what is one of the new starting prices .5 direct phone locally.
While the addition of Vivo has joined the entire 5G “entry-level” world locally, it is also trying to stand out from the rest of the crowd with its camera system.
“With its stable imaging capabilities, excellent lenses and sensors, and an all-in-one advanced camera system, the X50 Pro enables users to capture all life stories in professional quality,” said Fred Liu, Vivo’s managing director in Australia.
He said: “This is the first X Series device to be launched worldwide. We are excited to share our innovative technology and design with people around the world, and we are nowhere in Australia.”
While we are not sure that we call the phone “professional quality”, at least until we see it for ourselves, the phone world does not offer anything other than Vivo, which makes it a market. Differs a little.
However, this phone will not be available to you with Telco, as the Vivo X50 Pro only snatches the direct price, and receives $ 999 in Australia when it launches on August 20. This phone is available from the likes of Big W and Jeff HiFi. Work on and go with pre-orders, grab the Fitbit Versa 2.

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