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WHAT IS DEEPFAKE TECHNOLOGY | Everything you need to know


WHAT IS DEEPFAKE TECHNOLOGY – Technology is an ocean of wonders and we try our best to explore them and then perform more wonders with them. Today, our article is related to Deepfake technology, so, let us dive into the depths of this beauty. In simple words, with the aid of this technology, humans in specific pictures or videos are replaced with their twin identicals. All this sounds amazing, right, well, let us explore it more and more. With the use of AI and a little careful playing with motion pictures and sounds, the illusion turns into reality. Now, as we have got a clear glimpse of what this technology is about, let us discuss its applications, adverse impacts, etc.


  • Education

Online learning, digital classroom, etc are quite common and beneficial, but deep-fake technology is all set to bring a new revolution in the education sector. Historical figures can be brought back into real life in front of the students, and this in turn will convert all those boring lessons into adrenaline rushing thrillers.

  • Cinema

Hollywood is the apex player of this segment and it plays magic. We all know the goosebumps those VFX, SFX, etc create, but, hey, wait a minute, do you know the cost involbved in it? Well, it is huge, and this can be solved with the use of deep-fake technology, which will create a similar level of thrill but with minimal cost.


Adverse impacts:

  • Fraud

It is one of the biggest concerns of this technology. People can disguise themselves as someone else and then steal all the precious stuff they wish to, it also has some real-life examples according to some sources on the internet.

  • Pornography

Many celebrities, especially female celebs have fallen victim to this. A lot of Deep-fakes have been using their faces and committing this heinous crime.


This technology, like all other technologies, has both positive and negartive impacts, now it is up to us, how we want to use it?

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