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WhatsApp finally has Dark mode | know how to use it?

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Good news for WhatsApp users. After waiting for several days, the company has finally started the ‘Dark Mode’ feature for all Android and iOS users. The company has been testing this feature for the past several months. When chatting with dark mode, users are less likely to be exposed to the mobile screen while chatting. In addition, the battery of the phone will last longer because the light coming from the screen of the phone will be less used.

“At the time of testing, we noticed that the combination of white and black only put pressure on the consumer’s eyes. The screen also says that you will definitely get a better chatting experience in dark mode.

how to turn on dark mode in whatsapp

Turn on or off Dark mode in WhatsApp

Users can turn on or off the Dark Mode feature whenever they want. Black gray to dark gray text will appear in black mode. The first background was white and the text was black. Chatting in the dark at night can be a problem for users due to the white background, as more light is thrown on the eyes. But the light-dark mode feature is rarely used. Due to the dark mode, the phone’s screen uses fewer pixels, so the battery does not have to emphasize too much.

Switch it on

Android 10 and iOS 13 users can turn on or off directly in the system settings of the Dark Mode feature. Therefore, Android users of Android 9 and above can use the Dark Mode feature in WhatsApp Settings > Cheats > Themes >. For Dark Mode, the most important thing is that you have the latest version of WhatsApp if not, you can go to the Play Store to update WhatsApp.

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