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WhatsApp Group Mute Forever Option will be added soon

WhatsApp groups are permanent problems for many of us. We are often added to involuntary groups, perhaps with friends we haven’t talked to in years, and we have nothing in common. Of course, our first instinctive reaction to adding us to these groups is to silence them as long as we can, for a year, as WhatsApp allows. Now, however, most users will be happy to note that WhatsApp is testing a beta feature that will soon allow us to mute annoying and annoying WhatsApp groups … forever.

The update was detected by WABetaInfo as an upcoming beta feature in the latest WhatsApp update for the beta Android app. Based on the shared screenshot, while the option to discard a group may remain for eight hours or a week, it appears that the one-year option has been replaced by the option to discard the group forever. This is likely to make more sense, because when we mute a group for a year, the group’s notifications shouldn’t bother them any time in the future. If we want to receive messages from any of these groups, we always have the option to activate the group silence. The same also applies to the “Always Mute” setting.

WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps installed in the world, and undoubtedly it is the most popular all over the world. With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is used for a wide range of purposes: internal team offices, student and teacher communications, business promotions, and in the focus group: personal use. To improve the overall messaging experience, WhatsApp has taken a number of steps, like better spam detection, comprehensive encryption, better message search, dark mode, group invitation restrictions, and more. It is also possible that a new feature that allows people to silence groups forever is a step in this direction. According to WABetaInfo, this feature is currently classified as “underdevelopment” and possibly seen in stable releases after update in the near future.

The biggest update of WhatsApp 2020 is expected to support linking an account with multiple devices, which was also recently seen in the beta. This feature will finally allow you to run your basic WhatsApp account on more than one phone, in addition to incorporating existing support for WhatsApp desktop applications. As it’s a detailed feature, this option is likely to appear at the end of 2020.