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ZEE5 launched HiPi: TikTok-like short video platform

Since Tiktok was banned from the government by ByteDance, many short video platform apps have gained popularity. ZEE5 is with its HiPi platform to join this league. Zee5 claims that this new platform provides an opportunity for every Indian to showcase their creativity and announce their arrival on the global creative scene.
HiPi has revolutionized the entertainment experience, which makes us fans by providing a globally accessible platform to unveil the inherent talent that resides within all of us. Keeping its focus on customers, HiPi will help Indians connect with their millions of fans and allow them to enter the true world of the segment. A platform that will be the official home of entertainment and artists! After the live broadcast starts today, HiPi ZEE5 takes a step! Its ambition to become a super entertainment app in India!
Zee5 aims to empower India by giving audiences a platform where their talent will reach and reach the stage. Even it allows brands across the length and breadth of the country to find and connect with different types of audiences. At the time of launch, HiPi had already hired 400 influencers, with over 70 Zee TV celebrities, and would add more than 100 by December 2020.
“HiPi’s vision stems from an idea that aims to develop ZEE5 as a single destination for a dynamic new India.
HiPi launched as part of the Zee5 app and is only available to Android users, to begin with. It will roll out for an iOS release in the coming weeks.

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