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Zoom has revealed a new update that it believes can help make business meetings more fun.
The latest version of the popular video conferencing platform includes a host of new features aimed at making the meeting experience more enjoyable, giving users more freedom to customize their attendance and settings.
New zoom additions include lighting sliders, image filters, and responses, but they also include professional features like noise cancellation and more control over presentations.
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Zoom update

The update also brings several filters and lighting options including sepia, black, white, and even pink. When a light rest is needed, there are also tons of animal filters and amusing outfits for a few moments.
For those who need to increase the quality of the accelerated video, there is now an automatic option to improve your lighting options, in addition to the “Touch My Presence” setting when you want to look your best.
Perhaps most welcome is the better noise-canceling feature that allows users to adjust background noise, and helps you respond quickly without having to repeat the audio during a video call.
And perhaps most importantly, for meetings, Zoom will now allow users to overlay their videos on PowerPoint presentations, giving viewers a more interactive experience.
For anyone who wants to keep their meetings professional, Zoom notes that you can disable meeting filters at the account, group, and user levels of the Zoom web portal.

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