Best 5 sniper locations in Miramar map of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has an excellent weapon system that attracts a large base of players towards it. One of the weapons is a sniper rifle, and it is probably the most powerful rifle in the game! Therefore, in this article, we discuss the best sniper locations on the Miramar map.
Top 5 Sniper Locations on Miramar Map in PUBG Mobile
  1. Pecado: Pecado is the most visited place on Miramar’s map in PUBG Mobile. This area is the best place for players looking for high-quality weapons and other in-game items. In Pecodo this map is most likely to equip players with a sniper rifle.
  2. Hacienda Dale Patron: The second place to see a sniper rifle in the Miramar map is Hasenda del Patron. The player can quickly grab a sniper rifle to handle long-range battles here. This location is preferred by players who want to go into a rapid firefight to increase the landing and K / D ratio.
  3. San Martin: The Miramar map has several premises and squares for good plunder in the San Martin area. And finally, players can also get a k9898 sniper rifle or an M24 rifle very quickly.
  4. Los lion: Another great location is Los Leon, the largest city on the map with lots of vehicles to loot. You can easily get a sniper rifle with a long-range scope like 6x or 8x. The city has small to large premises and other buildings where players can easily find a good sniper rifle.
  5. Chumchera: The last site on this list is Chumakera. It also falls within high loot areas, and players can easily find a sniper rifle by looting vehicles in this area. A player can expect three to four teams here depending on the trajectory of the aircraft.

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