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Best Map PUBG Mobile – Maps are an integral part of video games. Most types of video games, such as first-person shooter, online multiplayer Battlefields, or Battle of the Kings, require great maps as a solid foundation for success. BR relies heavily on maps due to mechanisms such as shrinking location and number of players.

PUBG Mobile provides players with four maps. The developers released each of them after a reasonable lead time and put a lot of effort into designing them. This is because factors such as locality, resources, buildings, and homes should be taken into consideration. In this article, we evaluate all PUBG mobile maps from best to worst.

Best Map PUBG Mobile – Erangel

Erangel goes on to be the best map for several reasons. This is the oldest map in the game, and as such, it is a bit more polished. With constant updates, this has been fixed and a lot of bugs fixed. Erangel is a large island of 8 x 8 km with small and medium-sized urban areas, combined with open fields and green coverage. It has a large balance of ramps and planes at ground level, bridges, hills and bodies of water, providing a wide variety of terrain for players.


Miramar is built on a desert Similar to Erangel, it is an 8 x 8 km map and is mostly preferred by snipers. Loses grassland, making it easier for players to kill enemies. It has challenging terrains but an abundance of loot. It is one of the most thoughtful maps in PUBG Mobile, requiring players to think strategically.


Sanhok is a small 4 x 4 km map based on the rainforests of South Asia. It has long grasslands with a long green cover, scattered bodies of water bodies, and huts. Although the map is well-designed, it is sometimes difficult to spot enemy players due to foliage and sometimes rainy weather. Due to its small size, there are a lot of fights between players and less time to plan and move forward.


Vikendi is the newest map on this list, and possibly the least polished. It is based on a snowy forest with houses, water bodies, and high areas. The map measures 6 x 6 kilometers, which means that it is between the size of Engel and Sanok. It is the least played map in the game and is said to contain most of the bugs and habitats.


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