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Best map to push rank in PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite is an excellent choice for players who want to play this series on devices with lower specifications. Although it is not as popular as PUBG Mobile, it is an important and useful addition to the PUBG lineup.

Unlike PUBG Mobile, the Lite version works differently to support minimal devices and keep games smaller. To achieve this, developers have created new maps for this release.

In this article, we take a look at these maps to determine what is best for climbing the rankings in PUBG Mobile Lite.

The Waranga PUBG Mobile and PC version of the game has a small Arrangel-like map. It scatters the fields with grasslands and buildings and houses. The map offers loot spaces such as stadium, pilot plaza, factory and warehouse and the fight is well-tuned and balanced for royale action.

Golden Woods is relatively new in PUBG Mobile Lite. It is similar to Sanhok Map in PUBG Mobile and PC version. The map includes a lot of greenery, including grasslands, trees and shrubs. Golden Woods has locations such as the Military School, Collection Area, Na Kham and some training centers.

Matches on this map are faster and faster, meaning more combat conditions and less time to plan.

Both maps are small and well made. However, the Waranga is better suited to move up the ranks due to its well-balanced design. Lack of cover, grass and extra bushes make it difficult for the Golden Woods to play.

Players can become insecure, and eventually hide to shoot other enemies. Varenga, like Erengel, is cleaner with a wider hood, which enhances efficient play.