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Best places to land in Livik map of PUBG Mobile

Livik PUBG is the newest map available exclusively for mobile. Introduced with the 0.19.0 update, it is designed specifically for mobile play. The developers have based the map on the northern region with green areas, snow spots and waterfalls.
Livik PUBG is the smallest map of mobile, at 2 x 2 km. Although the map is available in classic mode, the match allows up to 52 players. Games usually last less than 15 minutes, which makes them very competitive.

We determine the best places to land on the live map on the PUBG Mobile:Best places Livik map


Iceberg is a snowy area in PUBG Mobile’s live map and is a very small town on the north-east side. The site has buildings with large loot and cover and also a huge church in the middle. This place of worship also provides decent loot, but what people usually want from the surrounding urban structure.


The waterfall is possibly the coldest place on Livik’s map. It is situated in the south-west direction and has good spoils. As the name suggests, the place has a three-tier waterfall, which makes it an attractive location. Players can use jet skis from the top of the waterfall and ride a three-tiered sleigh. The area is hidden behind the waterfall also provides great loot.

Power Plant

The power plant has high-quality loot that players can obtain quickly. There is only one huge building that holds the highest level of loot. Even despite covering the place, many people go down here in search of weapons and gear. It is a rewarding race if players survive and take this huge loot in PUBG Mobile.

East Port

The East Port is made up of parts of buildings that are similar to the smaller towns in Erngel’s map. These buildings carry large amounts of looting, such as weapons, facilities, and treatment materials. There is enough cover for players and room for close combat.

Best places Livik map : Holdhus

Holdhus contains a large area of ​​Livik’s map. It has a storage plant surrounded by buildings and compounds. The area offers spectacular loot and is one of the attractions on the map. However, players need to be careful while dropping here, as loot is usually heavily contested.

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