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PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale has wizards and paladins – April 2020 Offer

pubg battle royal

PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale

PUBG is a realistic military combat royale. Although every big byte royal game has a slightly different perspective, PUBG can make a claim that has its roots in realism and survival. No qualifications, no craftsmanship, no reaction – just kill or kill directly.

However, PUBG’s April Fool’s limited-time mode is Skyrim, which is more on Call of Duty than on Battlefield, Dungeons, and Dragons. PUBG is introducing a casual style called “Fantasy War Royal”, which can be popular during its seven-day runtime.

PUBG Wizards and Paladins

Imaginary Battle Royal has players playing as one of four classic fantasy characters. They are barbarians (only melee, high health and repeated successful attacks increase his speed which makes him dizzy and hits), ranger (lasting sniper, more damage, less). There is health, and theft (the Oriental Movement makes no noise), the wizard (meteor showers do the most harm through spells), but the most powerful of any class. I have health), and pedals (healers who help or kill their party and throw off the area – affect health-related bombs, but they can also hurt enemies and enemies. Can also slow down).

Unlike the normal PUBG, fantasy fights escape with looting. No guns, equipment or basic medical items nearby. Instead, there are scattered items that can be used for crafts – essentially upgrading weapons, necklaces, and circles that start with each player. However, the blue circle shrinks rapidly and is barely associated with imaginary warfare. It discourages doling rather than simply insisting on competing.

PUBG New Battle Royale Mode

Other things to note: The games are arranged on Eringel called “Dragon’s Oil”. The only option is to play in the context of a team of four players and a third person. Only two vehicles are available, Noblestad (Motorcycle) and Dragon Wagon (UAZ). The care package contains zircon gems used for craft level 5 gear. Touching the care package provides a buffer that lasts for 30 seconds. And “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” is now “This Old Chicken Dinner”. The fantasy battle begins tonight when the clock arrives at midnight on April 1 (at the time of the Pacific).