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PUBG Mobile: 5 tips to use drone game on Cold Front Survival

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile just launched the new Cold Front Survival Mode that has added one more vital challenge to all the rest – surviving sub-zero temperatures and other hostile weather conditions.

PUBG Mobile

This feature brings hostile weather conditions as a new element to the game. Players are airdropped into the stark and snowy realms of Vikendi, and have to maintain body temperature amid the periodic arctic storms adds a whole new layer of difficulty to the game. And that’s not all, you must also counter your enemies and put your best survival tactics from the battleground to use to emerge as the last player standing.

Tips and tricks to effectively pilot a drone

Find a safe spot to launch

Drones are a great tool to scout the area around you. However, while you scout, your character will stand still at the same spot. In order to avoid getting shot, you need to find the right spot to stand and launch the drone.

Make the right use of time

In PUBG Mobile, the drone has limited energy, which means the players can use it only for a total of 5 minutes. So, in order to ensure you make the most of the time you have, be quick and only use the drone if you are suspecting someone to be in the area ahead of you.

Drones are always visible

When flying a drone in the air, you will have the advantage of finding enemies in their hideouts. However, do keep in mind that they can also spot the drone and prepare a quick strategy accordingly. So, make sure you are using the drone at a safe distance.

Marking locations

Drones are not only useful in finding enemies but they can also help in marking locations. Using these drones, one can spot nearby fire locations on the map and then send the drone to that location and mark it using the ‘Universal Mark’ option. At any given point, you can rush to the marked location with your squad.

Use drones to survive

In order to survive in the Arctic Mode, the players are required to keep their body temperature warm enough. This can be done by lighting fires. Players can use the drones to scout the branches in the game, which can be used to light fire. Additionally, the players can also look out for chickens and roast them when the blizzard is approaching. Cooking and consuming the chickens will help players keep warm and steer clear from any damage.