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PUBG Mobile 5 Tricks – What are the snipping tips of PUBG Mobile to become a professional sniper? Being a global phenomenon, PUBG Mobile has given momentum to more than 50 players from all over the world in just two years and has carved out its place as one of the most popular mobile games of all time. In addition to its new updates of maps, events, and items, PUBG makes Mobile the best game in the Battle Royal genre that can give players their skills up to the limit.

In fact, in addition to amazing weapons and excellent strategy, players also need to acquire a lot of skills to win a chicken dinner. When it comes to sniping skills, even experienced players are most confused on how to get the most out of snipers. Today, take a look at some PUBG mobile sniper tips to become a professional sniper and win several in-game chicken dinners.

Sneezing is a real art! Here are 5 Golden PUBG Mobile Sniper Tips to become a professional sniper and win many chicken dinners!

1. stick to the scope

An extra heavy sniper without attachment would be useless. While the M24, Kar98 and AWM are the three best sniper rifles you can get, the 8X scope is the perfect attachment for you to become impenetrable in battle. Otherwise, the 6X range is not as bad. However, these items will be found in hotspots on the map in a limited time. This means that you need to land at these places and prepare for intense fighting because there will be a lot of enemies.

In addition, please note that once you choose a long-range offer, the width will be more restricted than the low-range offering. Choose wisely based on actual situation.

PUBG Mobile 5 Tricks – In addition to the scope, the cheek pad and funnel will help improve the stability of your weapon while the extended quick-pull magazine will make it even more perfect if you can have it.

2. Choose Location

Choosing the right place will help you be more precise in sneezing.
Important In PUBG mobile snipping tips, choosing the right location is the key factor in getting the right one-click headshot. Most professional snipers prefer a high place such as mountain peaks, roof, or watchtower. These places also help you stay safe from other enemies.

While most players assume that the preview mode is the best snipping mode, it turns up a particularly large number on a map where everyone is moving around. In fact, you are likely to be more passive and vulnerable when spotted. Instead of lying flat, you should just bend over because it is free and easy to avoid in an emergency.

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3. spot your enemies

Use a thug to get a broader view of enemies
Before you can stun your enemies, you must identify them. Since the long range range provides narrow visibility, switch to the monitor with a 3x scan as the target is easy to spot. Once you spot the enemy, return to the sniper display and give your best.

Pubg Mk 47 Mutant Assault Rifle Playercount S Bat
Bullet drop calculation is one of the most important PUBG mobile snipping tips that you need to keep in mind.

4. Calculator tablet

Despite all the suggestions above, counting bullet points is the most important factor that decides whether a shot is effective or not. Since your enemies are still not stable, predicting where the shot will go will prevent you from losing shots.

Instead of aiming directly at the center of the head, try to move it a little while your enemies keep moving and your bullet will take some time to fall. Also, if your enemy is away from you, place a gun a little higher on your head and gravity will do the rest!

5. Practice makes perfect

In fact, what makes a professional sniper are not tips and tricks. It is all about keeping calm and practicing. At first, you may consider it a difficult task and feel frustrated that shots are missed all the time. However, like other skills, practice is the only way until you have mastered cutting skills.

Sniping is an art and these above tips for training a PUBG mobile sniper are the first steps to mastering the art. The best part is up to you!


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