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PUBG Mobile announced an Independence Day special event called “Incredible India” for its fans in the country. On Saturday, India will host its 74th Independence Day celebrations. Ahead of the annual celebrations, PUBG Mobile announced a special Independence Day program called “Incredible India” for its fans in the country. The event, which began on August 10 and will run until August 24, aims to take players through the country’s many popular attractions from the comfort of their homes while playing popular mobile games.
Every event has some rules, and this event has many rules. For starters, during the event, players must complete daily missions to collect PUBG mobile flips. Players will get one flip for each mission completed. Fluctuations can also be collected by running daily tests which include many interesting questions about India. Players have to answer three questions every day to get one heart.
Once the players have collected the flip, they will have to go to the home page and click on the active site to win the flip memory game, match, and win with PUBG Mobile Flip. Players can tap any card to turn it on and reveal the hidden bonus behind it. Players can flip the next card and if the bonus on the second card matches the first.
However, if both cards do not match, they will be returned again. Each site has a total of six cards, and it hides three prizes in a pair. PUBG states that players must collect all prizes at the current location and uncover a completely hidden bluff to move to the next location.
In addition to the Incredible India program, PUBG Mobile has created a set of wallpapers for India’s most famous landmarks, including Dal Lake, Red Fort, Taj Mahal, Victoria Memorial, Charminar, Chennai Central, Mysore Palace, Gateway of India and Eva’s honors Includes Hawa Mahal. India Independence 74. These Instagram backgrounds can be accessed for the official Instagram handle of PUBG MOBILE India.

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