PUBG Mobile bans over 2 million accounts in one week for hacking or cheating


PUBG bans 2 million accounts–  PUBG Mobile has announced that it has banned over 2 million players over the course of a week. According to a tweet by the developers, 2,273,152 accounts were banned from August 20 to August 27. This also included 1,424,854 devices which were permanently suspended from accessing the game.

  • PUBG Mobile in a tweet said it banned over 2.2 billion accounts for using cheats or hacks.
  • The accounts banned majorly used x-ray vision or wall hacks and auto-aim.
  • Apple recently featured PUBG on App Store after the termination of Epic Games.




PUBG bans 2 million accounts – The tweet also reveals some interesting statistics. The developers note that a majority (33%) of the banned players were caught using X-Ray Vision, while 27% of the players were using Auto-Aim. 12% of the players were using Speed Hacks. The percentage of players banned for modifying areas of damage or character models was 4% and 3% respectively. 22% of players were caught using other cheats.

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