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PUBG Mobile: Best Attachments For SCAR-L, UMP, And AKM

PUBG Mobile provides multiple attachments for all weapons in this game. These guns will be more powerful and stable, with the best attachment set. The best weapons for most favorite weapons in this game are attached, including the AKM, UMP and SCAR-L.

Best attachment for PUBG Mobile AKM

The AKM is a powerful weapon that has a large reconnaissance. In addition, it is one of the most popular weapons in the game. With a complete set of attachments, this weapon will become a beast and help you eliminate any enemy at an effective range.

You have to attach a compensator to reduce the repetition of the AKM rifle. Next, look for expanded quick-pull magazines to increase your ammo capacity to 40. Scope selection is circumstantial. For mid-range engagements, you can use a red dot for close combat or 4x.

Best attachments for UMP-45

UMP is one of the most popular and favorite SMGs in this game, due to its great damage and stability. Since UMP pistols have so few repetitions, you do not have to find any compensator for this rifle. Instead, you have to attach a masking tool or flash blocker to hide your site.

In this game, QuickDrond Extended Magazine is always the best choice of all guns. Also, you can find 3D sight or red dot to aim with this weapon. Also, it will be more stable with a front.

Best attachment for SCAR-L in PUBG Mobile

SCAR-L is a powerful AR game that is more effective in short and medium-range combat. Therefore, the best muzzle of this weapon is supposed to help reduce rifle recall.

If you cannot get an extended fast-draw mag, you can find an extended mag to increase the ammo capacity. The recommended sight/range for this weapon is 4x.