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PUBG Mobile Changes its Privacy policy, Now PUBG will store Indian Users’ data Locally: five things you should know

With PUBG Mobile among the 275 Chinese apps that are scanned for national security and user privacy, Battle Royale has updated its privacy policy for users in India. The measure is a precaution to prevent gambling from being banned in the country.

Although reports claiming that PUBG is under the radar of the Indian government have yet to be confirmed by officials, fear remains on the horizon after the sudden ban on 59 Chinese apps, including popular games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Clash. of Kings. Following these reports, PUBG Mobile appears to have revised its privacy policy in India. Here are 5 main changes to your privacy policy.

5 things about PUBG Mobile’s privacy policy

  • PUBG says that the data obtained from Indian users is stored on servers located in India. “Our servers are located in India (in the case of users who are only in India), Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, and the United States,” indicating their privacy policy.
  • Support, engineering, and other equipment in offices around the world can access your user information in some countries, but for Indian players, they are located only in India.
  • PUBG also declares in its Privacy Policy that it automatically collects data from its users when they use the services of the game. This includes an open identifier, IP address, device information (like app version, battery level, WiFi power, available space, network type, OS version, platform, operator, country code, serial ID, Android ID, MAC, IDFV), registration time, login time, and information related to the use of game services by the party of the user. As timestamps for actions.
  • PUBG also notes: “When we allow third parties to collect and use your personal information, we take reasonable steps to ensure that third parties do not disclose further personal information.”
  • Finally, PUBG Mobile claims that the data content is stored for 7 to 30 days even after the account is deleted. There are also certain data points that are stored until the time a user uses the game – they are deleted within 7 to 30 days after account deletion.