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PUBG Mobile cheats type and process explained

Players have been cheating PUBG since the early days, and this is a very big problem for developers as they try to maintain fairness and balance for all players in battle royale. Despite beating players for years, who get out of line with the ban hammer, it still looks like the PUBG cheats never go away anytime soon. This problem surfaced again in late 2019 when renowned YouTube personality Dr. Despect was killed by a hacker while playing the game, causing him to uninstall the game and prepare his followers for branding. cheat

When it comes to PUBG fraud, there are two very common hacks, namely the Target hack and the speed hack. Both are self-explanatory, one getting you to speed around the map at a fast pace, while the other automatically ensures that your bullets are always directed toward the opponent. Then there are more subtle scams that are usually not obvious.

PUBG aimbots and hacks game

PUBG aimbots and hacks are probably the most annoying things out there. They will control the target of the players and automatically target it towards the opponents. It can be misused in many ways. What is most obvious is that each shot in which they fire is a line of sight towards another player, which is an explanation that clearly causes other players to be able to hit ridiculous cross shots.

Some target penetrations will also have an automatic fire, so if the breakout detects that it has an unabashed shot at the opponent, it will fire automatically. This is basically an automatic benefit hack, if you are too close to someone to do this hack, you will definitely die. Thankfully, it would be incredibly obvious to re-show the time of your death, so you can hit that report button and send the cheater package.

PUBG Speed ​​Hack

PUBG speed hacks are a less harmful option, and they can be very entertaining at times. This usually gives the player a huge speed boost, meaning that he can move from one side of the map to the other in seconds. This makes it almost impossible to take them down because they can be in the middle of the Pochinki before they are shot at Gatka, and that means they can see any player and eliminate him.

Its real benefit is more limited than that of penetrating the target. The intruder becomes immediately apparent, so it’s probably only good for some games before they get banned, and in the latter stages of the game, it makes them more likely to slip into the blue and die spontaneously.

PUBG Echo Scripts

Almost all weapons in PUBG have a rough repetition, and you are expected to learn to control or reset it by applying a slight delay between shots. However, some people decide to download scripts or macros that automatically manage repetitions. This means that all they have to do is press the fire button and no need to adjust their mouse for the recoil, as the script will do all this for them and every shot will go exactly where they want. This is not a goal hack as it is not a lock on a target, but it gives players a massive advantage in fights. Unfortunately, they are also very difficult to locate, as it could be someone who has mastered retrieving that particular weapon.

PUBG Wall Hack

Wall Hack basically allows theaters to see other players through walls, or add additional UI elements to reveal the players’ location. The most common versions show hackers, or the outline of their skeletons, to hackers if they are in close proximity. This means that hackers do not see the players’ location on the other side of the map, but can use the information to their advantage to get a drop on nonprofit players who think they are hidden. If a hacker is clever, they can use a wall hack and still remain untested, as it is difficult to prove that they did not hear you or have some other legal information that led to your death.

Other PUBG Cheats

There are quite a few other ants or ones we have seen in the past. Quick looting is a common feature, which allows players to take everything on a loot pile and automatically equip the items they need within a second. This is not believed to be useful, as most skilled players can do so with the drag loot technique anyway. Some players have also claimed to have working lag switches, which are designed to make other players in the game lag and benefit hackers, but we should say that we have never actually used. There are also some hacks that allow players to use flying vehicles traveling at high speeds, and an amazing cheat that allows players to have expandable weapons so that their body is still undercover but They can reach into the sky and still shoot. Although it appears to have disappeared in recent times.

 How to report PUBG cheaters

If you come across PUBG as an obvious cheater, there is always an old old report button on the death screen that you can hit. In general PUBG Corp is very good at banning any hackers, so what you report should not be for very long. This does not stop your game from being ruined, but it can save someone else, so always hit the report if you come across a cheater.

PUBG also has an anti-cheat system that auto-detects some known hacks and automatically restricts the player. PUBG Corp seems to keep it updated with all the big known hacks, so it is not often that a specific hack will stay around for very long, although new ones will always have to be developed to get around the system.


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