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PUBG Mobile continues teasing mysterious Sanhok 4 ARG video

The latest PUBG info raises the question of why Titanium Battlegrounds ever existed, and Sanok releases a light ARG tied to its upcoming map re-release.

Sanhoek will be back on Wednesday, July 22nd, and it looks like Sunhoek 4 will have some connection as mentioned in the video above. The video begins with a behind-the-scenes look at the people who keep Battleground matches in the universe, complete with Chat Manager and Blue Star Guy. Soon things go to Hell when a particularly dangerous crew of four falls from the network and invades control lair on the island. The video concludes with the emergence of the wealthy mastermind behind Battlegrounds, who is transformed into a recurring mysterious character in these traditions.

Profiles for Sanhok 4 are available on PUBG. These are some of the assassin’s tastes, in origin, from pre-military service to born-and-raised psychopaths to merchants. PUBG Corp. The imprecise person invites players to participate in an investigation about Sanhok 4’s goals and whereabouts and states that additional evidence will be shared in the coming days, so expect a warning on Wednesday.

It’s no surprise that Jonathan Frakes is all about a child killer, but I’m a worthy addition to the growing Sanok 4 archives of PUBG’s bizarre library. Like most players, I always accept that PUBG has dropped 1 player to 100 players on an island full of guns due to video games, but I would be very sad if PUBG Corp. Write a true story about things that aren’t fun to watch.


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