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PUBG Mobile Ghillie Suit Location | Easily


PUBG Mobile Ghillie Suit Location | Easily – The Ghillie Suit is a multi-slot outfit in BATTLEGROUNDS that can only be found in air drops. Designed to resemble background environments such as foliage, snow or sand, a ghillie suit can conceal its wearer extremely well, although ghillie suits are useless against thermal detection. Fortunately, in BATTLEGROUNDS players lucky enough to come across one of these need not worry.


Use these tricks : –PUBG Mobile Ghillie Suit Location | Easily 

1. Every now and then look up at the sky to find out which planes are passing in the sky while focusing on the enemy.

2. If there is a plane that drops the water drop, then immediately go to the location of the water drop.

3. Make sure your items and weapons are complete and filled so that in the struggle for a water drop will make it easier for you to finish off the enemies around.

4. When approaching the location of the water drop, you should be more vigilant because there are many other players who are in that location.

5. If you have a long-range weapon you better guard it from a distance beforehand to knock out some enemies so that competition will get smaller.

6. If you only have middle-range or close-range weapons, you must take advantage of the enemy’s carelessness when other players go to the water dropbox but do not see you, immediately incapacitate with the middle rangemu’s weapon.

7. If you feel it’s safe, immediately take the item in the water dropbox, but still be aware of who knows there are still enemies approaching.

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