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PUBG Mobile: How To Set Girlfriend or BFF Titles

Apart from just a video game, PUBG Mobile is also a great place to add people as we can add our real-life friends to our partner list. However, not everyone knows that we can add titles to our sports partners as well. In fact, the PUBG mobile partnership feature not only allows players to connect with their friends and even their fans, but it allows them to keep small things like BFF, bromance, buddy, or lover. In addition, you can also highlight it in your lobby. If you don’t have any idea how to enable this cool feature, check out some of the easy steps below and get it to strengthen your real-life relationship in the virtual world.

Before adding your friends or your sweetheart as a partner, make sure the two of you have more than 400 synergies so that you can send them your partner requests. There are many ways to keep more pace but the main way is to play matches together. Additionally, exchanging gifts and BP with each other also increases your synergy.

Once the desired synergy is completed, please follow the steps below to set your partner as friend and lover in PUBG Mobile:

How to Add BFF or Girlfriend to PUBG Mobile

1. Open the Friends list and go to the Synergy section: You can see all the people with whom you have communicated. Choose where you want to set the title and types like Bromance, Lover, Buddy, and BFF. Please note that you can give up to 5 people at the same address.

2. Return to the main page, and click on your avatar to open the main menu

3. Then press the Synergy button in the top left corner. You will see a map of your current contacts.

3. Go to the participation button in the lower right corner. You will see a popup in which you can invite and accept participant requests.

Click Submit Request to ask your partner to accept the new title. Once he accepts the order, you will get this result:

This is the basic situation with a partner you will get. By getting more synergy, you can also unlock different modes. This is good, isn’t it? Open the game, request your partner to watch it in your home lobby!