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PUBG Mobile is getting the Karakin map | Karakin is the best PUBG map


PUBG Mobile is getting the Karakin map | Karakin is the best PUBG map – Tencent released PUBG Mobile’s 1.3.0 beta today. The main highlight of the beta is the Karakin map, which will become PUBG Mobile’s sixth map on release.

Karakin was released into the PC version of PUBG in February 2020. It’s finally making its way to the mobile version as well. The map is half the size of Sanhok and shares its two-by-two kilometer dimensions with the Livik map. Only 64 players can compete for the chicken dinner on Karakin.

Karakin is the best PUBG map | PUBG Mobile Karakin map

  • G36C and MP5K have been added to Karakin.
  • Spawn rate of First Aid Kits and boost items have been increased.
  • Spawn rate of bandages has been decreased.
  • Spawn rate of DMR, SR and Win94 on Karakin has been decreased.
  • Increased care package airplane speed to move faster across the island.
  • Updated Blue Zone Effects.

Karakin is set in North Africa with little vegetation.But it does have slight patches of grass scattered across the map. It’s similar to Miramar and has several small villages on the map.Karakin provides brand new features like the Smuggle Tunnels and Sticky Bombs, which detonate on buildings’ walls when placed on them. Demolition Zones/Purple Zone are a more lethal version of the Red Zone, and along with other additions, adds to the excitement and provides a new dimension to the gameplay.

The beta version also includes a new firearm called the Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle, which uses the 7.62mm ammo, and a new flying two-seater vehicle called the Motor Glider.

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